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Jun 26, 2009

Tag dari Lina (cuppies4you.blogspot.com)

wahhhh.. dah lama tak dapat award... tup.. tup... Eyna dapat 'Amazing Blog' award! from Lina (http://cuppies4you.blogspot.com) yang senyum sokmo... hehehe...

The Rules:
* Write 5 interesting facts about the person who gave you this award:

Lina (cuppies4you.blogspot.com)
1. She's still single..

2. Stay at Yong Peng...

3. One of her sifu is Kak Min (bakingproject.com)
4. Friendly girl
5. She's very creative in cuppies decorating!

** Jot down 10 interesting facts about yourself @ your hobbies:

1) Working mum but now I'm full time bakers
2) I'm a mother of 4 (2 girl n 2 boy)
3) I'm a happy person, friendly... n suka borak-borak..
4) I love baking & decorating cakes
5) My best friend (opis) - Lina, Mek, Azzah, Shikin, Sima
6) Like to suft internet bout baking
7) I love my hubby n met at Uniten
8) Always go to library
9) I love listening to music
10) I love watching Wonderpets...

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